Social Program

The social programme is still in the process of finalization and subject to change.
Alps Welzow Mine Baltic Sea Saxon Switzerland Thuringa Ore Mountains Rhine Graben Ice Breaker City Tour Freiberg Conference Dinner City Tour Meissen City Tour Dresden Young presenters Programme Introduction to spatial databases Introduction to Compositional Data Analysis Multivariate Geostatistics for compositional data Spectral analysis of time series Wavelets and Fractals Exploration and Appraisal Decisions Machine Learning

Ice Breaker Party

Sunday 2015-09-06, 18:00-21:00, included in conference fee
The ice-breaker at the start of the conference takes place in the "Terra Mineralia", one of the world largest mineral exhibitions.

City Tour Freiberg

Sunday 2015-09-06, 16:00-18:00 or Tuesday 2015-09-08, 17:00-19:00, included in conference fee, but pre-registration is required

Freiberg the old capital city of silver mining in the Erzgebirge (ore mountains ) is a beautiful town with a rich history. Learn about its history and architecture, and most importantly your way around the town hosting the conference.

Terra Mineralia

2015-09-06 to 2015-09-10, included in conference fee

Visit one of the world largest mineral exhibitions the Terra Mineralia again during the week.

Conference Dinner

2015-09-09, 19:00-24:15, included in conference fee

The conference dinner is seen as an important networking event. Let's relax and get to know each other!

Reiche Zeche

to be announced

The largest and richest of the old underground silver mines of Freiberg is owned by the university and used these days for research and education. Its underground systems are currently being renovated. If the renovations are completed in time, the mine can be visited during the conference.

Organ Concert in the Cathedral of Freiberg

2015-09-10, 20:00, approx 10€

The cathedral of Freiberg hosts a world-class organ build by the famous Saxon organ builder Gottfried Silbermann. The weekly concerts are an attraction to hundreds of tourists each year. The exact price and date of the concert in the week of the conference will be announced later. The concert is also an excellent opportunity to visit the cathedral, with its famous Goldene Pforte (golden porch), a Romanesque masterpiece.

Sight Seeing Tour Meißen incl. Porcelain Manufacturer and Wine tasting

During the 14-19th century Meißen was the second economic center of Saxony , after Freiberg, because of the manufacture of textiles, wine and the "white gold" china or porcelain. It was the city were the Western world could first reproduce this technology anciently known only in China in the first steps chemical science emerging in Europe.

Itinerary for Tue 8, 2015

Sight Seeing Tour Dresden

Dresden was the seat of the kings of Saxony and is the cultural center of the state. Visit the sights it has to offer in architecture and art.

Itinerary for Wed, Sep 9, 2015