Young Presenters Program

The IAMG is specially dedicated to supporting early carreer scientiest in the intersection of mathematics/informatics and geosciences. The conference supports you as a young scientist and encourages you to send a contribution.

Young Presenters Discount

Students (including PhD-students) pay a reduced conference fee. The reduced fee contains free admission to the Young Presenters Short Course and the participation in the Young Presenters Award.

Young Presenters Awards

There will be two young presenters awards, one for the best oral presentation and one for the best poster presentation. Both will be handed over during the closing ceremony. Such awards boost your CV and make your contribution and name known to a larger audience.

Young Presenters Short Course

Presenting your results clearly and interesting helps you spawning discussions with other scientists in your field. A good understanding of publishing gives a competitive advantage all your carreer. Understanding the broad field of mathematical geosciences and geoinformatics helps you finding a good career opportunities after your PhD. Knowing others in your field is a prerequirement of reaching an international scientifc levels.
We will address these issues in a short course prior to the conference, specially designed to improve the related soft skills. Senior scientists will share their experiances. Together we will work on your oral presentation and poster presentation performance to learn good presentation techniques and to make your contribution as good as possible.

High profile poster sessions

The poster sessions provide a good forum work in progress and personal discussion with experts in your field. Unlike other conferences there is no big joint poster session, but posters will be presented around a corresponding topical oral session (before, during coffee breaks, and after), in order to get the right experts directly to your poster. Posters are not second-ranked contributions! A poster might be the best format to convey your research in a personal way, and we will take steps to bring your audience in front of your poster.

IAMG grants

The IAMG can financially support both your work and your travel, through the IAMG Student Research Grants Programme, the Student travel grants and the IAMG Student Chapters. Information can be found at