The conference welcomes all kinds of contributions advancing the use of mathematics and informatics in the geosciences. Methodological and applied contributions are equally welcome.

IAMG 2015 will offer general sessions, covering the main "backbone" of the research from members of the Association, and focus sessions, devoted to the specific topics of the conference.

All submissions (to the general or focus sessions) are organized through a system of classification of contributions by very broad topics. This system is structured using a two-fold topic/method classification system, conceived for several goals. First, it minimizes the chance that parallel presentations important to the same person occur simultaneously. Second, it allows to bring together in the same session people who might otherwise not be aware of their common research interests. Third, it will give rise to the general sessions themselves. The list of topics is given below.

Focus Session

Focus Sessions cover a specific topic. Several focus sessions have a keynote lecture, or are related to one of the plenary talks (by invitation only). Regular submission to focus sessions are welcome. These must be tagged too using the double classification system of contributions to the general sessions, taking one (or more) topic from the list of mathematical/computer science topics, and one (or more) from the list of geoscience topics. Finally, the relevant focus session must also be selected. Only one focus session can be chosen, though. Remember that contributions can also be submitted to the general sessions, just using the double method/geoscience tagging system and no focus session choice.

General Sessions

The following general session have been defined based on the contributions:

The use of a topic classification system, will allow the definition of flexible general sessions defined by the contributions rather than the interests of the organizers. The general sessions will arise dynamically from the conjunction of several compatible contributions, selected because they share the same or similar topics, methods or field of application. These sessions will be defined together with the final scientific programme.

During submission, authors must choose one tag from the list of mathematical/computer science topics, and one tag from the list of geoscience topics (see below). There are as well general "grab bag" tags, for submissions that do not fit this classification system clearly. It is also possible to select more tags as secondary topics.

Math/Computer Science topics

Geoscience topics

For methods with typical application in the geosciences purely methodological contributions are also welcome. These special topics include e.g.: geostatistics (two- or multi-point), statistics of compositional data, (flow, transport or deformation) numerical simulations under uncertainty, 3D modelling of natural objects, space-time information systems, spatial data models and structures, and remote sensing.