Central Room Management

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Freiberg has limited hotel capacity. Hopefully the conference will take up almost all available rooms. The conference committee has thus reserved a large number of rooms for the time of the conference. These will be made available to registered participants. Booking by the due date (see Important Dates) will thus be important to secure a room in Freiberg itself.

Hotels from the conference pre-reservation can only be booked for at least three nights. Shorter stays can be booked on the free market, eventually after the pre-reservation deadline or near Dresden main station (31min by train). There are multiple options within 5min walk of the main station.

Room prices range (in 2014) from 25&euro for a cheap single room to 100&euro for very good double room per night, including breakfast. The organizing committee is committed to offering them at the regular price. Our aim is to optimize hotel occupancy, minimizing your chances of not finding a room in Freiberg itself.

Other Lodging Possibilities

Dresden is just 27-43 minutes away with regional trains, depending on the kind of train. Dresden offers many more rooms, even at just 2 minutes walking distance from the central station. However, participants wishing to enjoy the rich social programme and the the conference atmosphere should be aware that the last trains depart from Freiberg shortly after 23h. For participants who have a car and are comfortable with the German language, other lodging possibilities are available in the Freiberger Land near the city, having the charm of the fair green rolling landscape and German Wirtfreundschaft (hospitality).